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Welcome to EPOS™!

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) is pleased to offer the Electronic Presentation Online System, EPOS™, to the delegates of the 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting.

EPOS™ is an online database of scientific and education presentations submitted at the annual scientific meetings, and as such the system is owned, operated and administrated by ESR.

RANZCR was the first organisation outside of Europe to introduce the ESR electronic presentation system. The RANZCR EPOS™ system was released in 2010, and since its inception 1000+ RANZCR ASM posters have been submitted to EPOS™.

Enjoy browsing through the submitted posters, or scroll down further to find a selection of highlighted posters including those awarded the Scientific Poster Prizes as selected by the poster assessors.

EPOS™ provides the user a number of special features for posters available on the system. These features include the ability to send a poster to a friend, adding a bookmark to a poster for future reference and contacting a presenter to ask them a question about their poster. These features are available in the sidebar of an accessed poster under POSTER ACTION. In order to access these special features, you need to log into EPOS™. All that is required of you is your last name and a valid e-mail address. No pre- log in is required to access these features. It's that easy.

The posters submitted at the 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting are also available on EPOS™ following the meeting for your viewing pleasure - completely free of charge.

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