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ECR 2019 / C-2408
Utility of percutaneous image-guided biopsies of retroperitoneal masses prior to surgical resection
Congress: ECR 2019
Poster No.: C-2408
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Interventional non-vascular, Retroperitoneum, Oncology, CT, MR, Biopsy, Tissue characterisation, Cancer
Authors: D. Lee, R. Sebro; Philadelphia, PA/US


170 patients underwent biopsy and/or resection of a retroperitoneal mass, of whom 44 (25.9%) patients went directly to surgical resection without a pre-surgical biopsy (Fig 1). 5/44 (11.4%) (p = 0.000974) patients would have had a change in clinical management if the histology of the mass was known prior to resection. These 5 patients had on average a 7.6 (SD 6.4) day length of hospital stay and had on average a 40.3 (SD 25.7) day delay to receiving appropriate therapy (Table 1). Two representative cases are shown in the accompanying figures where there was a delay in treatment with chemotherapy (Fig 3) and a case where surgical resection may not have been necessary (Fig 4). Clinical management was appropriate in 15/15 (100 %) of patients with resected liposarcomas where biopsy was not performed (Fig 2).

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