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ECR 2019 / C-1017
Radiological evaluation of the lumbar lordosis in spine operated patients: is plain film still mandatory?
Congress: ECR 2019
Poster No.: C-1017
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Outcomes, Comparative studies, MR, CT, Conventional radiography, Musculoskeletal system, Musculoskeletal spine
Authors: A. Agustí, P. Garcia, I. García Duitama, G. salo bru, J. Ares, A. Solano; Barcelona/ES


It was necessary to review the imagen tests of more than 509 patients in order to be able to recruit the 240 study patients. This can be explained by two reasons; the lower quality of the radiography in the immediate postoperative period and also the complexity of the treated pathology. Unlike the article by Jae Young Hong, in our study the number of patients with severe scoliosis was low due to the inability to clearly establish the points of measurement of the angle of Cobb.


Our results are in agreement with the studies of Polly and Mok and in disagreement with Ruhinda's studies.


Fig. 6
References: Radiology, Hospital del Mar - Barcelona/ES

The mean lordosis measured by RX was 39º, by TC 43.8º and by MRI of 40.49º. There are statistically non-significant differences by gender being the average higher in men than in women for all techniques.


Fig. 7
References: Radiology, Hospital del Mar - Barcelona/ES

CT and MRI underestimated the values ​​of hipolordosis and hyperlordosis in relation to radiography.  Our results are very different from those mentioned byAndreasen et al (2007)  or Bendirz et al (2017) who compared the value of lordosis between the radiography  and the MRI and found no significant difference(<3º).. Our results differ in a very important way from those expressed by Greimel et al (2017). The number of patients and the patient's position being different (decubitus prone)



The kappa coefficient was only acceptable between the RX-CT and the RX-MR.

Fig. 8
References: Radiology, Hospital del Mar - Barcelona/ES



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