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ECR 2019 / C-1825
Certificate of Merit
Where do the scattering X-rays that are exposed to the eye lens come from during neonatal cardiac CT examination?
Congress: ECR 2019
Poster No.: C-1825
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Education and training, Physics, Dosimetry, CT, Radiation physics, Paediatric, Eyes
Authors: Y. Mihara1, H. Hayashi2, T. Uehara2, E. Tomita2, S. Goto2, K. Tada3, Y. Kanazawa1, T. Okazaki 4, T. Hashizume4; 1Tokushima/JP, 2Kanazawa/JP, 3Izumo/JP, 4Tsukuba/JP


In this study, we focused our attention on exposure dose to the eye lens of a neonate during cardiac CT examination and directly measured exposure dose during examination using a small type OSL dosimeter.  We measured the dose contribution for each direction entering the dosimeter and examined appropriate shielding methods for dose reduction by clarifying the mechanism of the eye lens exposure.  70% of scattered X-rays which are exposed to the eye lens were generated from the patient’s body.  Additionally, we found that the dose could be greatly reduced by using two lead prototype protectors.

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