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2018 ASM / R-0041
Wiley-Blackwell Best Exhibit Award, Radiology
A six-year Australian and New Zealand experience of artificial intelligence techniques applied to MRI liver data – tricks and traps
Congress: 2018 ASM
Poster No.: R-0041
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, Neural networks, Computer applications, Image verification
Authors: M. Blake1, T. Cooper2, S. Khorshid1, T. St Pierre1; 1WA/AU, 2NZ




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Acknowledgements: Alison Laws, CEO, Resonance Health Ltd; Ajmal Mian, The University of Western Australia; Sander Bangma, Moodle; Wenjie Pang, Resonance Health Ltd; Mike House, Resonance Health Ltd.



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