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ECR 2018 / C-1208
Perfusional defects on CTP for the early detection of delayed cerebral ischemia (DCI) after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrage (aSAH).
Congress: ECR 2018
Poster No.: C-1208
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Emergency, Interventional vascular, Neuroradiology brain, CT-Angiography, CT, Image manipulation / Reconstruction, Contrast agent-intravenous, Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, Treatment effects, Aneurysms, Outcomes, Ischaemia / Infarction
Authors: E. Puglielli1, R. Lattanzi2, V. Di Mizio2, V. Di Egidio2; 1Teramo, ITALY/IT, 2Teramo/IT



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