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ECR 2018 / C-0997
Uterine myoma: results after endovascular uterine arteries embolisation in the treatment of symptomatic leiomyoma
Congress: ECR 2018
Poster No.: C-0997
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Interventional vascular, Genital / Reproductive system female, Catheter arteriography, MR, Ultrasound, Embolisation, Pathology
Authors: D. Tazhibayev, B. Abishev, R. Rakhimzhanova; Astana/KZ

Methods and materials

From 2008 to 2017 to May 1023 women with symptomatic leiomyoma were treated  by bilateral transcatheter  UAE. Angiography and embolization were performed using 5F Cobra and Roberts uterine catheters by 355-1000µm of PVA particles.The size of particles depended on uterine arteries diameter and anastomosis between uterine and ovary arteries.


Mean age 35,5 years (range – 20-52). 51% of patients had dominant fibroid’s size more than 8cm and different location, multiple fibroids occurred in 71% cases.


All patients underwent US and MRI before and after UAE. Analysis of fibroids was done in 1month (M), 3M, 6M and 12M.


Size, volume and structure of dominant fibroid were evaluated by MRI. We calculated the volume of dominant fibroid by obtaining the largest measurements in antrioposterior, longitudinal and transverse planes and applying the formula for prolate ellipse.


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