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ECR 2018 / C-0177
Comparative study to estimate diagnostic efficacy of 0,3 T MRI for evaluation of knee injuries, using arthroscopy as a reference standard
Congress: ECR 2018
Poster No.: C-0177
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Musculoskeletal joint, MR, Diagnostic procedure, Athletic injuries, Trauma
Authors: S. Riva, G. Guzzardi, M. Barini, A. Paschè, M. Abruzzese, A. Carriero; Novara/IT


Arthroscopy found:

- 155 medial meniscal lesions;

- 53 lateral meniscal lesions;

- 42 anterior cruciate ligament lesions;

- 3 posterior cruciate ligament lesions;

- 242 cartilage lesions of which 30 patellar, 70 tibial and 142 femoral-trochlear.


The first reader recognized:

- 194 meniscal lesions, misunderstanding 14 of them (9 of lateral meniscus and 5 of medial meniscus);

- 41 cruciate ligaments lesions, misunderstanding 4 of them (3 of the anterior cruciate ligament and 1 of the posterior cruciate ligament);

- 136 cartilage injuries, misunderstanding 106 of them (9 on the patella, 49 on the tibia and 48 on the femur). 


The second reader recognized:

- 185 meniscal lesions, misunderstanding 23 of them (3 of the lateral meniscus and 20 of the medial meniscus);

- 37 injuries of the cruciate ligaments, misunderstanding 8 of them (7 of the anterior cruciate ligament and 1 of the posterior cruciate ligament);

- 126 cartilage injuries, misunderstanding 116 of them (7 on the patella, 62 on the tibia and 54 on the femur).


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