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ECR 2018 / C-2950
Thrombus length measured by NECT and angiographic techniques (CTA, DSA) and its relationship to recanalization rate and neurological outcome in patients showing MCA occlussion treated with mechanical thrombectomy with stent retrievers.
Congress: ECR 2018
Poster No.: C-2950
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Embolism / Thrombosis, Treatment effects, Thrombolysis, CT-Angiography, CT, Catheter arteriography, Neuroradiology brain, Interventional vascular, CNS
Authors: J. Escartín López1, Y. Cepeda2, A. Royuela3, G. Martinelli2, C. DE LA ROSA2, L. Esteban3, A. Vega3, P. J. Ruiz3, J. carneado3; 1Majadahonda, Madrid/ES, 2Majadahonda/ES, 3Madrid/ES


Mean thrombus length in NECT was 12.6 mm (IQR 9.1-18.9), with no differences between succesful recanalization from those with a failure in recanalization (12.3 vs 14 mm, p=0.13).


Mean thrombus length in angiographic techniques (CTA) was 13.6 mm (IQR 10.2-23), with no differences between succesful recanalization from those with a failure in recanalization (12.95 vs 14.35mm, p=0.30).


When concerning about neurological outcome, we did not found differences between good neurological outcome (mRS 0-2) vs bad neurological outcome (mRS >2) associated with mean thrombus length in NECT (12.9 vs 12.3mm, p=0.65) or angiographic techniques (CTA) (14.9 vs 12.7mm, p=0.82).


Pearson correlation coefficient between the measurements with NECT and angiographic techniques (CTA) was 0.91, which indicates a good linear association. 


Bland & Altman Plot showed an average of the difference between lengths is 1.75mm lower on NECT than the measure in angiographic techniques. Most points were within the confidence band. Agreement is optimal up to a length of approximately 20mm, but from that length, NECT systematically measures less than angiographic techniques.

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