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ECR 2018 / C-2341
Homemade ultrasound phantom for core biopsy practice in breast radiology
Congress: ECR 2018
Poster No.: C-2341
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Breast, Interventional non-vascular, Ultrasound, Biopsy, Education and training
Authors: K. D. Jethwa, S. Closs, E. Giannotti; Nottingham/UK

Findings and procedure details


Equipment Required: a round plastic bowl, tablespoon, whisk, spatula, round plastic container, cling film, and a tray.



Ingredients:  500ml hot (not boiling) water, 50g corn flour, at least 4 sachets of powdered gelatine/vegetarian gel, 10 pitted olives (targets), raisins/sultanas and food colourant.



Preparation Time: 30 minutes 



Setting Time: 12 hours





  • Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and stir in the hot water until contents are mixed well. Whisking may help.
  • Randomly stuff each olive with 1-3  raisins/sultanas (different amount of raisins inside the olives will ensure that the targets are distributed throughout the phantom).
  • Add the stuffed olives and allow the mixture to rest for approximately 30 minute.
  • Decant the contents into a round plastic container lined with cling film and allow to cool and set in the refrigerator for 12 hours. 
  • Keep refrigerated until use, the phantom should fall out easily from the container.
  • Place the phantom onto a tray in order to carry out the biopsy.



Disposal: the phantom can be disposed with kitchen waste.



Ultrasound appearances:  The background phantom of mixed echogenicity (hypoechogenic gelatine/vegetarian gel and hyperechogenic cornflour to mimic breast tissue). The phantom itself is white in colour and conceals targets embedder deeper. Using biopsy practice the phantom is placed on a metal tray which provides a reflective background. 



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