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ECR 2018 / C-1390
Sensitivity Assessment of a Microwave Apparatus for Breast Cancer Detection
Congress: ECR 2018
Poster No.: C-1390
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Cancer, Instrumentation, Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, Experimental, Breast
Authors: G. Tiberi1, L. Sani1, N. Ghavami2, M. Paoli1, A. Vispa1, G. Raspa1, E. Vannini1, A. Saracini1, M. Duranti1; 1Perugia/IT, 2London/UK


Images obtained using the proposed apparatus are intensity maps representing homogeneity of breast tissues' dielectric properties (dielectric constant and conductivity). Images obtained using the proposed apparatus can detect and locate mismatches in the region of transitions of the tissues. As the breast is constituted of non-homogeneous tissues, a certain level of mismatch can be also seen in the healthy breasts; such mismatch will be related to the subjects breast anatomy.

A classification of the mismatch in the microwave images can be performed through the parameter Max/Avg. Specifically, non-healthy breasts images have a mean Max/Avg approximately 10% greater than that of healthy breasts images. If we use T as threshold to classify microwave images, a sensitivity of 91% is achieved.

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