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ECR 2018 / C-0243
Pelvic inflammatory disease: what the radiologist should know
Congress: ECR 2018
Poster No.: C-0243
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Infection, Acute, Abscess, Localisation, Diagnostic procedure, Contrast agent-intravenous, Image manipulation / Reconstruction, CT-High Resolution, CT, Genital / Reproductive system female, Emergency, Abdomen
Authors: J. J. Delgado Moraleda1, S. Brugger1, N. Nersesyan2, A. ALEGRE DELGADO1, J. F. Melo Villamarín3, A. PICADO BERMÚDEZ1; 1Valencia/ES, 2Valencia, Valencia/ES, 3Valencia, Valencia community/ES


1. Lee MH, Moon MH, Sung CK, Woo H, Oh S. CT findings of acute pelvic inflammatory disease. Abdom Imaging. 1 de diciembre de 2014;39(6):1350-5.


2. Revzin MV, Mathur M, Dave HB, Macer ML, Spektor M. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Multimodality Imaging Approach with Clinical-Pathologic Correlation. RadioGraphics. 1 de septiembre de 2016;36(5):1579-96.


3. Ojeda-Fournier H, Akers MJ. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Spectrum of Imaging Findings. Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice. julio de 2006;14(4):227.

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