ESCR 2017 / P-0089
Three dimensional modelling in structural heart disease: How can LGE MRI help electrophysiologist?
Congress: ESCR 2017
Poster No.: P-0089
Type: Scientific Poster
Keywords: Ischaemia / Infarction, Inflammation, Image registration, Segmentation, Contrast agent-intravenous, Computer Applications-3D, MR, Cardiac, Anatomy
Authors: S. K. Ternovoy, L. Yeghiazaryan, O. Aparina, O. Stukalova, N. Mironova; Moscow/RU


A robust approach without need for special software for simultaneous assessment of left ventrical structural and electrophysiological properties is described.

In majority of patients with prior myocardial infarction ventricular arrhuthmias may originate from zones of LGE. The data regarding the structure of the left ventricle in the planned site of ablation may improve the safety of the ablation procedure. 

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