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ECR 2016 / C-0661
How not to get lost in the darkness of the tympanic cavity in MR Imaging ?
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Congress: ECR 2016
Poster No.: C-0661
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Head and neck, Ear / Nose / Throat, Anatomy, MR, CT, Diagnostic procedure, Tissue characterisation, Education and training
Authors: M. D. A. Cavalcanti1, A. Venkatasamy1, M. Eliezer2, F. Veillon3; 1Strasbourg/FR, 2paris/FR, 3Strasbourg Cedex/FR


1.Veillon F. Imagerie de l’oreille et de l’os temporal. Médecine-Sciences Publications, Lavoisier, Paris, 2013, p 1599.


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