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ECR 2015 / C-0829
Latest Advancements in Real-time Fusion Imaging for Prostate
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Congress: ECR 2015
Poster No.: C-0829
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Image registration, Cancer, Imaging sequences, Diagnostic procedure, Ultrasound, PET, MR, Genital / Reproductive system male
Authors: G. Paoletti1, M. Silvani2, D. Confalone2, L. Lodigiani3, L. Manzoli3, S. D'Onofrio3, S. de Beni3, G. Mauri4, L. Forzoni3; 1Arezzo/IT, 2Biella/IT, 3Genoa/IT, 4Milan/IT


In our experience, real-time Fusion Imaging with Virtual Navigator technology was mainly used in TRUS for Urology application regarding:

·         Real-time biopsy guidance by the Virtual Biopsy tool, for needle path visualization in order to target and plan needle path, using any second imaging modality (MRI, PET/CT).

·         Everyday Clinical Practice - fusion imaging technology needs only a slight increase in time in order to be ready for real-time navigation. With the possibility to use also previously acquired MRI and/or PET/CT of the examined subject, it can be used in everyday clinical routine. The higher level of confidence, the easier diagnosis and follow up, the real-time navigation between Ultrasound anatomical, functional  and hemodynamic information and the reference second imaging modality volumes, are all tangible advantages.

·         Teaching – real-time fusion imaging, which combines second modality imaging high level spatial and contrast resolution (and even functional) volumes with Ultrasound modalities has the aim to reduce  teaching curve duration and it has the possibility to increase practical confidence into the learning of insonation planes and hemodynamics-anatomical correlations.

·          Research - any procedure  which aims/needs to have Ultrasound real-time information linked to MRI and/or PET/CT anatomical volumes dataset.


In conclusion, real-time Fusion Imaging procedures described in this work have demonstrated to be safe and practically feasible in everyday clinical practice, enhancing the level of confidence for experienced and novice users, due to the capability to see in real-time multiple imaging modalities fused  simultaneously; an activity which is  usually performed “mentally” solely by experienced users.

Targeted biopsy through real-time Fusion Imaging offers a way to localize, target and sample suspected masses, offering the practicing urologist an accurate way to make a diagnosis in prostate district


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