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ECR 2015 / C-1244
Subdermal contraceptive implants; MRI findings
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Congress: ECR 2015
Poster No.: C-1244
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Extremities, Genital / Reproductive system female, Musculoskeletal soft tissue, MR, Ultrasound, Diagnostic procedure, Removal, Treatment effects, Foreign bodies
Authors: X. Tomás1, A. Rodriguez-Veret2, S. Orlando3, E. Guisantes2, C. Yanguas4, J. C. Vilanova5, S. Baleato González6; 1Barcelona/ES, 2Terrassa/ES, 3Sant Cugat del Vallès/ES, 4Manresa/ES, 5Girona/ES, 6Santiago de Compostela/ES

Findings and procedure details

In this section we will show two patients with nonpalpable Jadelle® subdermal implants, retrospectively selected from our institutions.


Case 1.


A Jadelle® subdermal implant was inserted four years ago in the upper non-dominant left arm of a 29 year old female. One year ago she presented vaginal bleeding disturbances (prolonged and irregular bleeding), and underwent local removal. Unfortunately, only one rod was removed and surrounding soft-tissue was infected (cellulitis). Ultrasound (figure 3) and MRI techniques (figures 4, 5) of the left arm were obtained before a second removal was undertaken with plastic surgery, showing the implant rod among the fibers of biceps muscle without surrounding abscesses or other signs of infection. Postoperative evolution of the patient was successful.



Case 2.



A Jadelle® subdermal implant was inserted two years ago on the upper non-dominant left arm of a 34 year old female. She presented vaginal bleeding disturbances and headaches, and underwent local removal. The implant rod was nonpalpable, and an MRI was done (figures 6-8). Further implant removal was successful.


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