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ECR 2015 / C-2542
Contrast-enhanced ultrasound in the differential diagnosis of small testicular masses
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Congress: ECR 2015
Poster No.: C-2542
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Genital / Reproductive system male, Ultrasound, Contrast agent-intravenous, Neoplasia
Authors: B. Corcioni, C. Gaudiano, F. Busato, C. V. Pultrone, R. Schiavina, R. Golfieri; Bologna /IT


The diagnosis was incidental in asymptomatic patients.  Neoplastic markers were negative in all pts.

Table 1 shows global data of the clinical and pathologic characteristics of the whole patient population.

Pre-operative sonographic patterns for the individual patients are presented in Table 2.

Sonographic appearance of testicular lesions was heterogeneous with a prevalence of hypoecoic pattern. Color Doppler signals of the STMs resulted absent  except  three cases.

CEUS showed lesional absence of contrast enhancement in 2 lesions (Fig. 1), progressive and weak contrast enhancement in 4 cases (Fig. 2), early hyperenhancement followed by iso-enhancement in 5 cases (Fig. 3, 4) and marked hyperenhancement followed by wash out in 5 pts (fig. 5, 6). At final pathologic analysis the lesions above corresponded respectively to: epidermoid cyst, inflammation, seminoma, leydigioma. 11 pts underwent TSS while all 5 cases of seminoma had radical orchiectomy.

At 12 months US follow-up all patients underwent TSS were free of disease.

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