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ECR 2013 / C-2451
Evaluation of Palpation Imaging in Breast Lesion Diagnosis
Congress: ECR 2013
Poster No.: C-2451
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Breast, Abdomen, Gastrointestinal tract, CAD, MR, Mammography, Biopsy, Cost-effectiveness, Cancer, Neoplasia, Metastases
Authors: Y. Song1, C. Zhou2, J. Li2; 1Beijng/CN, 2Beijing/CN

Methods and Materials

From June 2010 to December 2011, 169 patients with 195 breast lesions, of which 125 were breast cancers and 70 were benign lesions verified by surgical pathology, were examined by PI, physical examination, mammography and ultrasound in cancer hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. The hardness, shape, homogeneity, and mobility of the lesion extracted from PI were used for lesion characterization. To compare diagnostic performance of a test for the features characterizing the lesion, we use the receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve analysis and evaluate PI for differentiation between benign and malignant lesions. Additional diagnostic information provided by other diagnostic modalities was collected and used for the analysis of the potential of diagnosis of breast lesion by PI. The diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of the four examinations were compared.In addition, the sensitivity and specificity of PI for patients with different breast composition on mammography were calculated.

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