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ECR 2013 / C-0616
Treatment of inflammatory bursitis of iliopsoas.
Congress: ECR 2013
Poster No.: C-0616
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Inflammation, Treatment effects, Surgery, Puncture, Ultrasound, MR, CT, Musculoskeletal system, Musculoskeletal soft tissue, Musculoskeletal joint, Pathology
Authors: I. Di Murro1, G. Grattacaso2, V. Di Tunno2, D. Miccoli2, A. Conchiglia2, C. Masciocchi2; 1Roccasecca/IT, 2L'Aquila/IT

Methods and Materials

The protocol was approved by the hospital’s board and informed consent was obtained by all patients.

From June 2008 to September 2011 we evaluated 12 patients with iliopsoas bursitis diagnosed by MRI imaging performed before and two weeks after treatment.

The MR's sequences used were standardized:SE T2, T2 FAT SAT and T1 axial and GRE T2 coronal.

All MRAs were performed by two experienced Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist.

The images were interpreted by the same Radiologists.

In all cases the intra-articular injection was performed US-guided under 
sterile conditions, using an anterior approach.

All patients underwent suction of the bursa of iliopsoas (10 cc on average), and subsequent intrabursal infiltration of corticosteroids and local anesthetic, in ratio of 70% -30%, under ultrasound guidance by using needles from 20 to22 G.

The volume injected depended on the capacity of the bursa.

The procedure was well tolerated by all patients and there were no reactions or side effects observed.

All patients underwent the VAS scale one day before and two weeks after treatment.

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