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ECR 2013 / C-2474
An automatic system for segmentation, matching, anatomical labeling and measurement of airways from CT images
Congress: ECR 2013
Poster No.: C-2474
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Chronic obstructive airways disease, Computer Applications-3D, CT, Respiratory system
Authors: J. Petersen1, A. Feragen1, M. Owen2, P. Lo3, M. M. W. Wille4, L. H. Thomsen5, A. Dirksen5, M. De Bruijne6; 1Copenhagen/DK, 2Waterloo, ON/CA, 3Los Angeles, CA/US, 4Hellerup/DK, 5Gentofte/DK, 6Rotterdam/NL


Lo, P., Sporring, J., Pedersen, J. J. H., de Bruijne, M., Airway Tree
Extraction with Locally Optimal Paths, Medical Image Computing and
Computer-Assisted Intervention, 2009, 5762, pp 51-58.


Petersen, J., Nielsen, M., Lo, P., Saghir, Z., Dirksen, A., de Bruijne, M.,
Optimal Graph Based Segmentation Using Flow Lines with Application to Airway Wall Segmentation, Information Processing in Medical Imaging, 2011, 49-60


Gorbunova, V., Sporring, J., Lo, P., Loeve, M., Tiddens, H. A., Nielsen, M.,
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Petersen, J., Gorbunova, V., Nielsen, M., Dirksen, A., Lo, P., de Bruijne, M.,
Longitudinal Analysis of Airways using Registration, Fourth International
Workshop on Pulmonary Image Analysis, 2011


Feragen, A., Petersen, J., Owen, M., Lo, P. Thomsen, L. H., Wille ,M. M. W.,
Dirksen, A., de Bruijne, M., A Hierarchical Scheme for Geodesic Anatomical
Labeling of Airway Trees, Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, 2012, 15(Pt 3), pp 147-55

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