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ECR 2013 / C-0677
Aortic valve evaluation by 128-DSCT prior to TAVI: Optimal time interval for AVA sizing in comparison with echocardiography
Congress: ECR 2013
Poster No.: C-0677
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Echocardiography, CT-Angiography, CT, Interventional vascular, Cardiovascular system, Cardiac, Comparative studies, Haemodynamics / Flow dynamics
Authors: M. Kummann1, F. Plank2, G. J. Friedrich2, T. Bartel2, S. Mueller2, L. Kofler2, N. Bonaros3, W. Jaschke2, G. Feuchtner2; 1Innsbruck, [p/AT, 2Innsbruck/AT, 3Innsbuck/AT


Among the 44 patients 32 Patients were in Sinus rhythm, the remaining 12 had atrial fibrillation. Mean heart rate was 73 bpm (range 49-101).


Phase of best correlation
For the best correlation between CT and TTE (AVAbestcorr; r=0.94, p=0.001), the most frequently chosen phase was 35% of the RR-interval. (11/44, 19%) as shown in Table1.


Phase of largest Aortic valve area

The largest AVA (AVAmax) was most likely to be found at 25% (17/44; 39%) of cardiac cycle in early to mid systole and far less often in late systole as shown in Table2.


The maximal AVA (AVA max) correlated significantly (r=0.64, p<0.001); with an overestimation of + 0.12 (limits of agreement: -0.09-0.33) by CT.


Image quality

Image quality of the aortic valve was sufficient for diagnosis in all patients. It was most frequently excellent or good at 25%, 30% and 35% of RR-interval.


There was a relationship between phases offering excellent image quality and heart rate. For slow heart rates (<70bpm) image quality was most frequently excellent in early systole. In patients with fast heart rates (>80) image quality was more often excellent in late diastole. Peak prevalences of image quality graded as excellent was 15-25% for < 70 bpm, 20-30% for 70-80 bpm and 25—40% for >80 bpm.


Bicuspid valves

Functional bicuspid valves were found in 9/44 (20%). (5NC/RC, 3LC/RC, 1 NC/LC). Two congenital bicuspid valves (both RC/LC, with calcified Raphe) were diagnosed.

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