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ECR 2006 / B-652
The sensitive and accurate de-convolution technique to correct for the "penumbral-spread" effect in CT, MR and DF
Congress: ECR 2006
Poster No.: B-652
Type: Scientific Paper
Topic: Physics in Radiology
Authors: K. M. Chui1, S. L. Chui2, D. B. Stanfield3; 1Uxbridge/UK, 2Redditch/UK, 3St. Albans/UK

Material and methods

(A) Animal tissue and Phantoms were used for initial studies and calibrations, and patient field-trial examples were subsequently followed to study the merits of the methodology and to overcome certain problem features.

(1) Animal tissue (Lamb Kidney) was examined with a MR Scanner using a Gradient-Echo sequence (TE: 26ms, TR:1160ms); 5mm slice.

(2) A New York Catphan 500 and a Star-Burst phantom were examined with CT systems using technique factors of 120kVp, 300mA, 4 secs., 10mm slice and 120kVp, 130mA, 2.24 sec., 1mm slice respectively.

(B) Patient Field-Trial Examples:

(1) Liver Tumor of a 79 year old female patient was examined with single slice helical CT at 120 kVp; 200mA; 1 sec/slice; 10mm slice;

(2) A Meniscal Tear of a 53 year old male patient’s knee was examined with an 1.5T MR Scanner with Gradient Echo Sequence of:- TE: 26ms; TR: 1160ms; 3.5mm slice;

(3) Digital Fluorograph (DF) using technique factors/properties: 110mA at 66kVp; Exposure time, 8ms. Focal-spot, 0.6mm;

A 035 J guide wire was inserted into the artery of a 72 years male patient. Iodine contrast was injected via a femoral artery sheath. Regions of Interest (ROI) were magnified 7x and enhanced.

(4) A Lung Tumor of an 81 year old man was examined with single detector helical CT using technique factors: 195mA; 120 kVp; 0.7s; 7mm slice. Results were used to study:

(a) the removal of the Partial Volume Effect, and (b) the elimination of the `Blooming Effect’.

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