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ECR 2011 / C-1595
Usefulness of MRI for evaluation of neoadjuvant chemotherapy effectiveness and preoperative staging of cervical cancer
Congress: ECR 2011
Poster No.: C-1595
Type: Scientific Paper
Keywords: Oncology, Genital / Reproductive system female, Pelvis, MR, Chemoembolisation, Staging, Surgery, Neoplasia, Pathology
Authors: S. Kharuzhyk, I. A. Kosenko, O. P. Matylevich, T. M. Litvinova, I. S. Dulinec; Minsk Region/BY


In patients with uterine cervix cancer treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy with uterine arteries chemoembolization the overall tumor response rate (complete response + partial response) was 70% (28/40). In 5 of 7 complete MRI responses isolated cancer cells were revealed on pathology. Residual stage IA tumor was not detected by MRI in another 1 patient. Sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of MRI in the detection of stage IA or greater residual tumor were 97%, 100% and 98% respectively.


Sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of MRI in the detection of parametrial tumor invasion and pelvic lymph nodes metastases were 73%, 77%, 76% and 44%, 90%, 85% respectively. Sensitivity of size criterion of 1 cm in a short axis for pelvic lymph nodes metastases detection is low as smaller lymph nodes may be malignant.


MRI has a high accuracy in the preoperative staging of the cervical cancer and in the diagnosis of residual tumor after neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

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