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ECR 2010 / B-307
The role of ultrasound (US) and US-guided core needle biopsy of axillary lymph nodes in preoperative staging of breast cancer
Congress: ECR 2010
Poster No.: B-307
Type: Scientific Paper
Topic: Breast - Without Subtopic
Keywords: Breast
Authors: M. Mellado, R. Bermejo Garcés, A. Burguete, J. Zabalza, S. Solchaga, A. M. Osa; Pamplona/ES

Methods and Materials

A retrospective analysis of all axillary preoperative ultrasound performed in patients who had indication of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy between August 2008 and December 2009. A total of 190 patients 


Ultrasound Findings


Core Needle Biopsy

We performed 56 Core Needles Biopsies in patients with Asimetric Cortical Thickening (35 biopsies) and with Suspicious Axillary Lymph Nodes (21 biopsies)


Biopsy Device: automated biopsy gun 14-gauge (needle notch length 25 mm and 1-3 pases performed per biopsy)


Technique of axillary ultrasound guided procedure: The patient is placed in supine position with her arm raised and with the axilla flattened using a pillow. The approaching point is selected by using the shortest skin-lesion path, usually from inferolateral to superomedial approach at the tail of the axila. Sterile technique. Local anaesthesia and small skin incision. The biopsy needle advance to the target is aligned with the tip of the needle we can perform the fire. After the procedure we perform local compresion.






























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