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ECR 2010 / C-3264
The efficacy of 1 molar contrast material in the evaluation of breast lesions with MR imaging
Congress: ECR 2010
Poster No.: C-3264
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Topic: Breast - Your latest results
Keywords: Breast
Authors: O. Unal, N. Toprak, S. Avcu; Van/TR

Methods and Materials

This prospective study was performed in Radiology Department of Yuzuncu Yil University Hospital between December 2008 and December 2009. Thirty-seven women (age range:22-77 years, mean:43,7 years) with a total of 76 breast lesions of BIRADS category III or higher based on mammographic or sonographic examination were included in this study.


MRI examinations were performed with a 1,5 Tesla system (Siemens Symphony, Erlangen, Germany). T2-weighted fatsat turbo spin echo, T1-weighted fatsat 3D FLASH, and axial pre-contrast and dynamic post-contrast images with 0,2 ml/kg gadobutrol (GadovistR, Schering) containing 1 mol/ml gadobutrol injection were obtained in all patients. Contrast material was injected by automatic injection system. Dynamic images were obtained as axial T1-weighted fatsat 3D FLASH, which was repeated 9 times with an interval of 60 seconds between the sequences. Contrast-time curves classified as Type I, Type II, and Type III were maintained in all lesions by post-processing (Figures 1-6). Also the enhancement patterns, as well as contrast-noise  (C/N) ratio of the lesions were noted.


The lesions with a prediagnosis of malignancy based on MRI findings underwent tru-cut biopsy and histopathological results were obtained. The lesions thought to be benign according to MRI findings were followed up for 6 months, and they were regarded as benign in case no change in morphology or size was demonstrated.  


With SPSS-13 programme, Chi-square test was used for the determination of the relation among categoric variables. The level of significance was accepted as 5%. Sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, and negative predictive value were calculated. Ethics committee approval has been obtained for the study.


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