EuroSafe Imaging 2018 / ESI-0008
Establishing a justification policy and process for imaging examinations using ionising radiation
Congress: EuroSafe Imaging 2018
Poster No.: ESI-0008
Type: EuroSafe Imaging
Keywords: Action 9 - Development of criteria for safe imaging procedures, Radioprotection / Radiation dose, Conventional radiography, CT, PET-CT, Radiation safety, Radiation effects, Quality assurance
Authors: G. Volford1, C. Paraskevopoulou2, A. Papachristodoulou3, K. Katsari2, R. Illing2; 1Affidea Hungary – Péterfy Sándor Hospital and Trauma Center Budapest/HU, 2Affidea BV Amsterdam/NL, 3Affidea Greece Thessaloniki/GR


Description of activity and work performed

Conclusion and recommendations

Personal/organisational information


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