When is the deadline for poster submission?

The extended EPOS poster upload deadline for ECR 2019 is January 11, 2019. Please submit your digital poster by this date at the latest.

Who can I contact if I need help with the system?

You can reach our support staff by using the following email address: epos@myESR.org

How do I add images?

There are three different ways to add images:


You can use the 'add image' link in the sidebar of a section to add images to the sidebar.


You can directly embed an image into your text, by using the 'embed image' icon in the editor.


Or you can link an image to a piece of text, by selecting the desired piece of text and then clicking on the 'link image' button in the editor.


Either way, a window will open, allowing you to choose any of your previously uploaded files, or to upload a new one.


We recommend to use the following formats: jpg/jpeg, png and gif.

What are the limits for my poster?

Your poster is limited to a maximum of 20 MB (megabytes) of disk space. There is a minimum word limit of 400 and a maximum word limit of 2,500.
Please note that your poster should be as detailed as necessary, but as short as possible.

Technical requirements:

You need a modern browser (p.ex. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari etc.) in a current version, having Javascript enabled. If you run into problems using an outdated browser, please try updating to a newer version or installing a different browser.

Can I leave and come back to edit my poster later on?

Yes. As long as your poster is not submitted, you can continue working anytime, by logging in again. All your progress will be saved.

Internet connection

Make sure that you have a direct, un-filtered internet connection. For any enquiries about your connection, contact your IT department or Internet Provider.

Obtain my password and username

Please use the Forgot your Account Information? function on the landing page. Enter your registered email address, and your account data will be sent to you immediately, or alternatively search with your last name and first name. After a successful search your account data will be emailed to you.

Unsuccessful login

If you are positive that no typing mistake occurred check your internet settings. Make sure that cookies and java-script are enabled. Deactivate the pop up blocker before you log on. Note that major institutions often install filters for security reasons. If in doubt please refer to your IT department or Internet Provider.

Logout button

If you share this computer with others, always make sure to log out using the 'logout' button in the upper right corner. If you don't, the other users of this computer may be able to access your poster. The information you have entered and saved will of course not be lost, even if you forget to log out.

Edit poster

Can I edit my poster after I submit it?
Posters cannot be modified after submission.


BUT: If you wish to edit a poster before you send your final submission, do not click the 'Submit' button but use the 'Save and proceed' and then the 'Logout' button on the upper right corner. Entered information will be saved but not submitted. The poster status will show 'in progress'. You can come back any time until the deadline and change any information.
Once your submission is completed, please go to the last step 'Submit Overview' and submit your poster. Only then will the status change from 'in progress' to 'submitted', meaning that your poster has been received by the organisers and cannot be edited any longer.
If you realise that you need to make changes to your poster after you have submitted it, please contact the support team: epos@myESR.org

Presenter / author listing / title changes

Corrections to poster titles or author listings can only be made until January 11, 2019. For any changes, please contact the support team at epos@myESR.org. Please note that the desired changes might be processed after the upload deadline.

Poster language

The poster must be submitted in English language. Posters submitted in other languages cannot be accepted.

Sample poster

Click the links below to view samples of submitted ePosters. Please note that these are only examples on how to set up an ePoster, it is not a guideline/rule.


Sample for a Scientific Exhibit

Sample for an Educational Exhibit


Space / Word limit

There is a maximum word limit of 2,500 and a minimum limit of 400 words for your poster. The space is limited to 20 MB for the entire poster. Please note that your presentation should be as detailed as necessary, but as short as possible.


Submission guidelines

You can view the EPOS 2019 Poster Upload Guidelines here:

Guidelines for submission of accepted exhibits to EPOS



The following affirmations must be confirmed during the submission process:


Material used

I affirm to the ESR that my poster does not contain any material that is libellous, defamatory, or otherwise unlawful, and that it does not contain any material that invades the right of privacy, any proprietary or copy-rights and has not been previously submitted to EPOS™.

Patient privacy
I affirm that this poster does not contain any images, texts and/or other content by which a patient may be identified. If the poster contains any identifiable information, I affirm that I have obtained the patient’s written consent to use this content in my poster.

Right to license

I affirm that I have the right to assign license to my poster. I further affirm that if my poster contains any material that has been previously published, I was entitled to use this material by applicable law or have obtained a transferable license from the copyright holder.

Co-authors agreement

If my poster was co-produced by others, I, the submitting author, warrant that I was given authorization/permission to represent the other co-authors (co-licensors).

License to readers

I affirm to herewith grant the readers of EPOS™ a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to share (copy, distribute and transmit), and to remix (adapt) my poster, on the condition that: a. my work is attributed (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse me or my work) b. the use is non-commercial, and c. the work is shared under the same conditions as outlined here.

Congress registration

I understand that inclusion of this poster in the electronic scientific exhibition of ECR 2019, is subject to congress registration of its presenting author.

Publishing terms and conditions

I have read and understood the full Agreement for the use of EPOS™ and accept all conditions as outlined in this document.

1. I will remain the copyright holder of my poster, and
2. readers are allowed to share and adapt my work, provided that appropriate credit is given, material is used non-commercially and shared under the same conditions.



The following affirmation can be selected optionally:

No Online Publication

I revoke the publication of my poster for the EPOS Online Viewing as described under the affirmation ‘Publishing terms and conditions‘.
I understand that my poster will therefore only be shown as part of the Scientific Exhibition at ECR 2019 (presenter's congress registration assumed), but is NOT TO BE INCLUDED in the EPOS Online Viewing and will not be registered with a DOI (digital object identifier).


Online viewing of my poster(s)

The online version of your poster(s) will be similar to the version you see when in the 'view' mode. Anyone viewing your presentation will also have the option to send your poster(s) to their own mailbox as a PDF file. However, in some cases this PDF file may not show all elements of the presentation (e.g. movies, PDFs, PowerPoint files).


Submitter: Is the corresponding author and the person in charge of submitting a poster. He/she can be different from the presenter.

Presenter: The presenter may be different from the submitter. The presenter must be registered for the congress in order to have their poster displayed there. The presenter is also the person who will receive comment emails, which a viewer may leave via the 'leave a comment' function.