ESCR 2016 / P-0018
Dose and image quality in CT pulmonary angiography: Comparison of Dual-Source CT, third generation Dual-Energy CT and conventional 64-slice spiral CT
Congress: ESCR 2016
Poster No.: P-0018
Type: Scientific Poster
Keywords: Cardiovascular system, CT-Angiography, Contrast agent-intravenous, Dosimetry, Dosimetric comparison
Authors: A. Kosmala, T. Gassenmaier, S. Veldhoen, A. Kunz, T. A. Bley, B. Petritsch; Würzburg/DE


The use of third generation DECT in 90/Sn150 kV configuration allows for significant dose reduction in pulmonary CTA while providing excellent image quality and potential additional information by means of iodine perfusion maps (Figures 1 - 3).


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