ESCR 2016 / P-0026
Dose reduction in coronary calcium scoring: the impact of iterative reconstruction combined with low tube voltage on calcium scores
Congress: ESCR 2016
Poster No.: P-0026
Type: Scientific Poster
Keywords: Calcifications / Calculi, Arteriosclerosis, Comparative studies, CT-Quantitative, CT, Cardiac
Authors: M. Vonder1, G. J. Pelgrim1, M. Meyer2, T. Henzler2, M. Oudkerk1, R. Vliegenthart1; 1Groningen/NL, 2Mannheim/DE


Of the 30 protocols compared to the reference protocol, only 90kVp-ADMIRE3 and 100kVp-ADMIRE1 did not show any difference in detectability, Agatston score, volume score and mass score (p>0.206). Detectability and Agatston score were not affected by lower tube currents of 36-72 ref mAs with 90kVp-ADMIRE3 and 54-72 ref mAs with 100kVp-ADMIRE1 for small to large patient size (p>0.206), see Fig. 2, while the and CNR and SNR were similar or higher than the reference protocol (0.008<p<0.206). For the 100kVp-IR1 protocol with 52-74 ref mAs, also similar results for calcium volume and mass score as the reference protocol were found (p>0.206), for all patient sizes. Dose could be reduced up to 60.6% and 43.6%, respectively, for 90kVp-ADMIRE3 and 100kVp-ADMIRE1.

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