ESCR 2015 / P-0031
The morphological evaluation or coronary plaques in non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome by coronary CT angiography.
Congress: ESCR 2015
Poster No.: P-0031
Type: Scientific Poster
Keywords: Cardiovascular system, Cardiac, CT-Angiography, CT, Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, Acute, Arteriosclerosis
Authors: M. Shabanova, S. Gaman, M. Shariya, I. Merculova, N. Barysheva, N. Serova; Moscow/RU


We identified 42 soft, 27 mixed, 1 calcified plaques in SRA. Density of soft plaques was 35,90+/-13,5HU (2-77HU), mixed–42,77+/-22,4HU (11-100HU). Spotty calcification was determined in 37,14% of soft plaques in SRA. Positive remodeling was in 65,71% SRA. “Ring-like” enhancement was in 28,57% SRA. Rough contours (87,14%) and density<50HU (78,57%) were the most common signs of plaque instability. All signs of instability were detected only in 7,14% of patients in SRA. Two or more signs of instability were revealed in 92,85%. Detection rate of “ring-like” enhancement had significant differences in SRA and SNA, 28,57% and 4,37%, p=0,02. Positive remodeling, rough contour, spotty calcification and density of <50HU weren’t different significantly in SRA and SNA (p>0,05), 65,71%, 52,55%; 87,14%, 62,04%; 37,14%, 27,00%; 78,57%, 49,63%.

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