ESCR 2015 / P-0025
Assessment of mitral annuloplasty ring by cardiac CT: correlation with echocardiographic parameters and comparison between two different ring types
Congress: ESCR 2015
Poster No.: P-0025
Type: Scientific Poster
Keywords: Cardiac, CT, Surgery, Haemodynamics / Flow dynamics, Foreign bodies
Authors: Y. J. Suh, Y. J. Kim; Seoul/KR


  1. Background
  • Mitral valve (MV) repair: Widely regarded as the procedure of choice for significant degenerative mitral regurgitation (MR) requiring surgery1
  • Late recurrence of valvular dysfunction:  Great risk in rheumatic heart disease, mixed mitral stenosis (MS) and MR
  • In non-rheumatic disease: Recurrent MR (m/c cause of failure)
  • MS (rare): Pannus overgrowth from the annuloplasty ring (Fig. 1)

    → Small mitral annuloplasty rings, Type of ring annuloplasty (Flexible (Duran) ring > rigid (Carpentier-Edwards) ring)2-4 



    2. Purpose

  • This study investigated computed tomographic (CT) appearance after mitral ring annuloplasty, especially comparing CT findings between patients with normal pressure gradient (PG) and patients with functional MS and between 2 commonly used types of annuloplasty ring. 

Fig. 2: Two commonly used types of annuloplasty rings (Carpentier-Edwards(CE)-ring vs. Duran ring).
References: Department of Radiology, Younsei University College of Medicine, Severance Hospital - Seoul/KR

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