ESCR 2014 / 402
Magna Cum Laude
Nonatherosclerotic Coronary Vasculitis: Assessment with Cardiac MDCT
Congress: ESCR 2014
Poster No.: 402
Type: Scientific Poster
Keywords: Cardiovascular system, CT-Angiography, Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, Inflammation
Authors: J. A. Kim1, E. J. Chun2, S. I. Choi2; 1Gyeonggido/KR, 2Seongnam-Si/KR

Methods and Materials

A. Coronary involvement of Takayasu’s arteritis  ;  10-30% of Takayasu’s arteritis patient

• Type I : Stenosis or occlusion of the coronary ostia and the proximal segments of the coronary arteries (most common) [Fig.1 &2]

• Type II ; diffuse or focal coronary arteritis, which can extend diffusely to all epicardial branches or can involve focal segments, so-called skip lesions [Fig.3]

• Type III ; coronary aneurysm [Fig.4]


B. Cardiac sequalae of Kawasaki vasculitis [Fig. 5-8]

• Coronary artery dilatation, premature atherosclerosis, stenosis (4.7%), thrombosis, or occlusion with myocardial infarction (1.9%)

• In most cases, within 3-6 months of the acute illness

• In some cases, may develop as many as 10-21 years after the acute phase of the disease

• Coronary artery aneurysm or coronary artery ectasia develops in 15%–25% of untreated children with Kawasaki disease, 5% after     γ- globulin treatment.


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