Part of the session: 811 - Technologists e-Poster Presentation Session 2
Friday, October 23, 16:55 - 18:05 | Channel 11

EANM 20 / TEPS-38
Use of artifical neural network for the diagnosis of myocardial ischemia :Comparison of imaging diagnosis between two devices in the clinical conditions
Congress: EANM 20
Poster No.: TEPS-38
Type: Technologists e-Poster
Keywords: e-Poster Presentation Session Technologists 2,
Authors: M. Kano1, D. Ogura1, T. Ino2, T. Toyama3, K. Koyama1; 1Gunma Prefectural Cardiovascular Center, Maebashi-shi, Gumma-ken, JAPAN, 2Gunma Prefectural Phychiatric Medical Center, Isesaki-shi, Gumma-ken, JAPAN, 3Toyama cardiovasculary Clinic, Maebashi-shi, Gumma-ken, JAPAN


Materials & Methods



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