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e-Poster provides the user a number of special features for e-Posters available on the system. These features include adding a bookmark to an e-Poster for future reference and contacting a presenter to ask them a question about their e-Poster. These features are available in the sidebar of an accessed e-Poster under e-POSTER ACTION. In order to access these special features, you need to log into e-Poster. All that is required of you is your last name and email address.


You can mark e-Posters that you want to access with one click. Press the ‘add bookmark‘ button in the sidebar of an accessed e-Poster to add it to your individual bookmarks.
To access all your bookmarked e-Posters, press ‘Bookmarks‘ in the top line of the page.

Contact presenter

Using this function in the sidebar of an e-Poster, you can send an email comment to the presenting author of the e-Poster.
Please note that the receiver will see your name and email address.

Technical requirements

The poster viewing is fully compatible with any modern browser, both on desktop and mobile devices. If you run into problems using an outdated browser, please try updating to a new version first. The system uses cookies (for login) and Javascript - both must be enabled/allowed in your browser.


For any questions, please contact us at abstracts@eanm.org