ESSR 2016 / P-0066
Magnetic resonance imaging assesment of Lateral Meniscus anterior horn tear with parameniscal cyst in Hoffa ‘s fat Pad;Unusual combination of pathology in young population
Congress: ESSR 2016
Poster No.: P-0066
Type: Scientific Poster
Keywords: Cysts, Diagnostic procedure, Computer Applications-General, Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, PACS, MR, Musculoskeletal system, Musculoskeletal soft tissue, Musculoskeletal joint
Authors: M. Bankaoglu, A. S. Mahmutoglu, U. Erdem, I. Celebi, S. M. Erturk; Istanbul/TR



Study group were consists; 32 knees of 32 patients ;20 male ,12 female with mean age was 33.5  with   8.5 Standart deviation (SD)  and 11 patient had discoid meniscus whereas 2 patient's had additional medial meniscal tear .


Mean age of the patients with lateral meniscal tears was 43.3 ,SD 15.9  .


Age of our patients significantly lower  then those of  patients with lateral meniscal tears.P=0.00006






Between the study group and group with lateral meniscal tears  no statiscically significant results were achieved by gender and  having discoid configuration so P values were  0.18 and 0.057 respectively.




 66 of the patients have had  additional medial meniscal tear in out of  130 patients so  our patients’  tears seemed so isolated as only 2 of 32 had medial meniscur tear.

There was statistically significant difference between our patients and with  those with lateral meniscal injury group.P=0.0000014



All tears were  horizontal in  shape and cysts were  multiloculated nodular  in form ,mean lenghts of tear  and mean diameter of cysts were  11.1mm and 9.7mm  respectively.



Mean patellar tendon patella ratio and femorotibial alignment in coronal plane were 1.11 and 175 degrees.No comparements were aimed in these data between the groups.

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