ESSR 2016 / P-0055
Assessment of the humeral acromial space through MRI.Preliminary low-field study in weight and non-weight bearing for the assessment of the humeral acromial space .
Congress: ESSR 2016
Poster No.: P-0055
Type: Scientific Poster
Keywords: Musculoskeletal joint, MR, Technical aspects, Image verification
Authors: S. Giannini1, E. Ceccarelli2, G. Montanari1, A. Rocchi1; 1Rome/IT, 2Rome /IT



The reduction of the subacromial space, diagnosed through an exam carried on in a standard clinostatism, could be fouled by the position during the exam. In the last few years, the introduction of dedicated low-field machines with a tilting plane allowed the acquisition of orthostatic images, as well. Such novelty allowed also increasing the accuracy of imaging in identifying pathologies that are usually visible only in orthostatism.

In the assessment of patients we documented the orthostatic humeral acromial distance compared to the non-weight bearing middle value of about 1.5 mm in patients with a degenerative pathology and about 3 mm in patients with painful shoulder for a recent tendinosis, without tear.

All patients did not have problems in taking all the exams that lasted for about 40’.

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